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Frieze Online Viewing Room, Los Angeles
July 27 - August 1

Works by:

Andrea Bowers, Barbara T. Smith, Beatrice Wood, Bendt Eyckermans, Bruno Munari, Cheyney Thompson, Corita Kent, Darren Bader, Erika Verzutti, He Xiangyu, Michael Dean, Moshekwa Langa, Padraig Timoney, Raymond Saunders, Ricci Albenda, Sol Lewitt, and Uri Aran.

For the inaugural Los Angeles edition of Frieze Viewing Room, the gallery presents a selection of new, and significant drawings and works on paper by select gallery artists. Artists from California are strongly represented in our viewing room, which includes new works by Andrea Bowers, as well as historical drawings by Corita Kent, Raymond Saunders, Barbara T. Smith, and Beatrice Wood.

Our presentation also highlights works by recent additions to the gallery program, with new drawings by Bendt Eyckermans, He Xiangyu, and Uri Aran, and additionally includes those who will present exhibitions with the gallery in the fall - Michael Dean and Moshekwa Langa.