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Han Bing, Gabriella Boyd, Guglielmo Castelli, Bendt Eyckermans, Daisuke Fukunaga, Lewis Hammond, Behrang Karimi, Dominique Knowles, Dana Lok, Megan Marrin, Leslie Martinez, Matt Morris, Sophie Reinhold, Henry Shum, Kate Spencer Stewart.

Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to announce Fifteen Painters on view at 22 Cortlandt Alley from April 2 - May 8.

Occupying both floors of the gallery, the exhibition brings together fifteen artists born after 1980, who each take distinct and diverse approaches to the medium of painting. From those that use painting for its immediacy to those who utilize it for project-based investigations, the exhibition does not aim to identify a specific theme or trend. Instead, it demonstrates the continued mutability of painting as a practice, and its malleable nature that extends beyond its physical application.