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Political commitment and artistic work can not be separated for the US-American Andrea Bowers (born 1965 in Ohio, lives in Los Angeles). For over two decades, she has stood for an artistic position that combines thoughtful aesthetic practice with a political attitude from a feminist perspective. Civil resistance and its translation into an artistic language find in their work a skillful balance, uniting socially relevant content with conceptual and formal approaches. Their engagement with different forms of nonviolent protest is motivated by a historical awareness and archival curiosity about the history of political activism and feminism, as well as their visual language.

The exhibition Light and Gravity at the Weserburg Museum of Modern Art presents the world's first overview exhibition on the work of Andrea Bowers and includes exemplary major works from the last 15 years. In addition, two works specially produced for Bremen will be shown, of which one explicitly refers to the local protest against the planned deforestation of 136 plane trees. The exhibition title is a quote from the French philosopher Simone Weil, whose lived combination of theory and practice, thought and action is an important cornerstone for the artistic work of Andrea Bowers.