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Dries Van Noten is honored to announce his invitation to Darren Bader to exhibit Group Show at The Little House, 451 N. La Cienega Blvd. in Los Angeles.  Available to the public September 23rd until October 30th.

In Group Show, the artist will install works from a diverse range of disciplines and mediums.  Works include: new sculptures from the CS series, where Bader creates assemblages from objects previously owned by famous people; stanza sculpture, an ambitious, and humorous, multi-part work combining 3D animation, fake Ikea instructions, NFTs, and junk mail; and 6 Sides of Scott Mendes, a QR-driven “portal” to surreal and hilarious AR sculptures.  Group Show will also be the Stateside premiere of Bader's latest comic book. 

The show explores the artist's perennial interests in found objects, paradox, Pop, digital media, and exhibition making itself. 

Bader’s work falls into a number of broad groupings, including: pairings, impossible sculpture, misattribution, aura hunting, augmented reality, and trash sculpture.  His exhibitions are frequently collaborative in nature, exploring and questioning the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate objects through complex (re)arrangements, chance juxtapositions, and absurd associations.