Continuing the experimental program at Carpintaria, Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel space in Rio de Janeiro, the exhibition Opening Night proposes a dialogue between three artists from different generations whose practices orbit mainly around sculpture. The American Lynda Benglis, the Brazilian Erika Verzutti and the English Jesse Wine present, together, fifteen works from their recent productions. The "opening night" suggested in the title refers freely to the homonymous film of 1977 by American director John Cassavetes. In the plot, a middle-aged actress – played by Gena Rowlands – faces an identity crisis while rehearsing her new play. The exhibition alludes to the stage on which the story unfolds by presenting a single base whereupon the entire set of works by the trio is displayed. The platform transforms the sculptures into vehicles analogous to the actors, at the same time erasing the geographic and generational gap between the three artists in order to underline their affinities.