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The Slovak conceptual artist Ján Mančuška died twelve years ago at the age of only 39. He had a special connection to Austria: Artist residencies took him to the Neue Galerie Graz and Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (Vienna), important works were created here in Vienna and can be found in the Kontakt Collection as well as in the collection of TBA21.

In his installations of text, photographs and film, Ján Mančuška addressed issues of perception of the body and space, as well as the variation of narratives. Of particular importance to him was the spatial arrangement of his works, which created specific viewing situations. His thinking was characterized by a strong interest in philosophical contexts and a recourse to literary, cinematographic or dramaturgical strategies. The architectural peculiarities of fjk3 – Space for Contemporary Art, with its hybrid character of transitory movement space with two entrances and exits and its partially symmetrical intersection of ground floor and basement, are predestined for Mancuška's cinematic works.

Incomplete Movement is the first comprehensive exhibition of Ján Mančuška's work in Austria. Not retrospective in nature, the exhibition focuses on his most important text, image, and film works and attempts to bring his unique mechanisms of perception, understanding, and memory to life.

Curator: Fiona Liewehr in cooperation with the estate of Ján Mančuška