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At Tobacco Warehouse, visual artist and poet Julien Creuzet presents a series of suspended abstract forms and intricate sculptures, grouped together to create a complex installation which threads together a range of source imagery including historical African sculptures, abstracted landscapes and compositions inspired by engravings and paintings.  The works address Creuzet’s relationship to his ancestral home of Martinique, the diasporic experience, and the history of French colonialism. 

Creuzet’s work is inspired by the poetic and philosophical reflections of French Martinican intellectuals Aimé Césaire and Édouard Glissant on creolisation (the process by which elements of different cultures are blended to create a new culture) and migration, focusing on the troubled intersection of the history of Martinique and the events of European modernity. The sculptural forms and layered images function as an intimate and powerful discovery of many worlds brought together.