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Kevin Jerome Everson, arguably one of the most prolific, and important experimental filmmakers currently working, is an artist who thinks through the particular problems of cinema by making it. His tireless output exemplifies American painter and film critic Manny Farber’s description of “termite art” as having “no sign that the artist has any other object in mind other than eating away the immediate boundaries of his art, and turning these boundaries into conditions of the next achievement.” Everson’s films, light and deeply affective, are never not alive: each new film surprises. His themes, though clearly identifiable, are never forced; they emerge organically through the course of his work. Everson’s oeuvre is one of the most significant records of contemporary African American life. Los Angeles Filmforum at MOCA is proud to present this program of recent work by Everson, with the artist in attendance. Another screening with Everson is at the Spielberg Theatre on Sunday, May 5, 2019.