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Bracha L. Ettinger: BRACHA's Notebook - Skira - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

Mostly I write in the notebooks when I wake up and when I go to sleep. During the day, when I paint, I grab them from time to time to catch some ideas, images and words before they flee, and I mainly draw. When I’m out of the studio I take notes and draw — but I don't go out often. I also scribble when I listen to lectures — but I hardly listen to lectures. I used to write my thoughts and draw when I worked with people while I listened, but in recent years I haven’t worked with patients. I mainly take notes when I’m alone. In 1978, the night I separated from my first husband, he drowned his book of film scripts in the bath and I drowned my notebooks. It took me three more years to realize I have drowned artworks. That’s why I often say that I became an artist only in 1981, even though I’d painted all my life. That’s it chère Carolyn. I hope you can do something with it. Bye. - BRACHA L. ETTINGER

Format: Sovercover, staple binding
Dimensions: 17.6 x 25 cm
Pages: 48
ISBN: 9788857247205

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