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Bruno Munari: Xerografia - Corraini Edizioni - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

Original xerography is the product of a blurred image on the copier's exposure glass, thus reproducing both the image and its movement. Therefore, these are not common copies, but originals obtained with a process that exploits all the possibilities of the copier, "understood as a tool for producing images as well as for reproducing them".

Munari's experimentation on the use and functioning of photocopier machines, originally published in the series he himself edited for Zanichelli Quaderni di design (1977), begins with these reflections.

Every element of the copying process used in the machines available at the time, from the reading limits of the instrument to the density of the toner, is systematically analyzed and tested by Munari in its possibilities and in every aspect. The result is a series of samples (“copies”?) which, in line with his research method rigorous and creative at the same time, are never aimed at a specific purpose, but rather have the objective of obtaining the maximum data in order to represent all or almost all the possibilities of the machine, even unforeseen and unexpected ones.

Format: Paperback
Dimensions: 21 x 14.5 cm
Pages: 100
ISBN: 9788875701338

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