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Erika Verzutti - Centre Pompidou - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

The Pompidou Center hosts a monographic exhibition on Brazilian sculptor Erika Verzutti as part of the Mutation / Creation cycle. This is an opportunity to reveal his work to the European public by bringing in many works from private collections in Latin America and North America. Working on different materials: ceramics, bronze and molding objects, the artist wonders about the role of natural readymades in sculpture. Erika Verzutti's work is related to a species of bestiary and tropical flora where organic forms intertwine: animals, fruits, totems ... most of them possessed of a fertile erotic load.

7 families of works are represented: Tarsila Do Amaral in tribute to the South American artist, Animals, Missionary, Brasilia, Turtle, Cimetery and Wall pieces. Thought by the artist, the scenography is conceived as an extension of the works, made of monumental pedestals such as niches or caves, in which the works fit.

The catalog will bring together three essays including one by Christine Macel, curator of the exhibition, as well as an interview between the artist and the author regarding the works. An illustrated chronology of the exhibition views will complete the corpus.

Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 24 x 30 cm
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9782844268389

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