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Fredrik Værslev: It Girl - Null & Void Publishers - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

The first title from Null & Void is “It Girl” by the Norwegian artist Fredrik Værslev (b.1979). “It Girl” is a celebration of Tærtitta, a dog who belonged to Fredrik and his mother and who passed away last year. For many years Anne Britt Værslev designed and created outfits for the dog, and the outfits eventually became a collaborative project that Anne Britt and Fredrik shared. The exhibition “It Girl” shows four new paintings in the Terrazzo series as a backdrop to eight different dog costumes, two for each season. Tærtitta used to sit and wait for Fredrik and Anne Britt on a table that resembles a catwalk. The table, with its fake marble top, is a part of the exhibition, but in an abstract form. The marble pattern recurs in the book as a stage for art and fashion, kitsch and conceptualism. “It Girl” is a coloring book that invites a playful cooperation between Værslev and the readers. The book shows reproductions of Fredrik's terrazzo paintings, together with Anne Britt's drawings of Tærtitta. The cover has two sides. The back depicts a terrazzo painting that Fredrik has given to his mother. The front shows the same painting with an addition by Anne Britt - a portrait of Tærtitta. There are 700 copies printed, 18 of which will be reworked by the artist. Graphic design by Jonas Williamsson.

Format: Paperback with flaps
Dimensions: 8.3 x 11.7 inches
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9789198185409

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