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Fredrik Værslev: La Constance du Jardinier - Hatje Cantz Verlag - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

"Time," "repetition" and "metamorphosis" are the central concepts in the work of Fredrik Værslev (*1979 in Moss, Norway). The artist places his canvases outdoors to observe the degree to which nature leaves its “signature” on them. In the exhibition on Île des impressionnistes, Chatou, this process could be witnessed directly where it was taking place. Between October and December, nineteen minimalistically sprayed canvases, or mimicked awnings to be exact, were scattered across the island on the Seine and hung from trees. That Værslev references the John Le Carré novel The Constant Gardener, where the corpse of a woman is discovered in a bush, in the title of the exhibition is a perfect showstopper. This publication documents the plein-air exhibition in its various stages and masterfully introduces the changing work of the artist.

Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 21.34 x 29.97 cm
Pages: 112
ISBN: 9783775741514

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