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Roe Ethridge: Beach Umbrella - Polychronic, New York - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

This artist’s book features photographs of discarded beach umbrellas at Rockaway Beach, New York — “day at the beach” sundry — captured by Roe Ethridge over the course of four Mondays in July and August 2020. Positioned against the sun, shot from beneath, and cropped to the point of near abstraction, the umbrellas fill each image from edge to edge with vibrant color, their wedges of luminous fabric stretched against graphic metal frames. Accompanied by a text by Ethridge, the publication also includes photographs of sunflowers from a public school garden in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and a selection of images from a fashion story the artist shot with model Maryel Sousa. Each copy is signed by the artist and includes a sheet of stickers.

Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 25 x 29.9 cm
Pages: 36

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