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Roe Ethridge: Farewell Horse - Nobuhiko Kitamura (Hysteric Glamour)/Rat Hole Gallery - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

Farewell Horse contains photographs from two Ethridge-series that are somewhat atypical for the artist. Originally presented at an exhibition titled Goodnight Flowers at Rat Hole Gallery in 2009, the book features photographs of feral horses on Cumberland Island, taken in 2007, and Becher school-inspired photographs of flowers taken with a pinhole camera in the mid-90s. Despite both flowers and horses being popular motifs in photography or painting, it is somewhat rare to see them in such close connection. Striking about Ethridge’s photographs is their pronounced tranquilness and their compassion towards their subjects. The photographs are arranged without express explanation in the book, offering the viewer a pure experience of the single images while strengthening the importance of context and presentation.

Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 300 x 230 mm
Pages: 64

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