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For the 2023 edition of Miart, Andrew Kreps Gallery presents new works by Bendt Eyckermans (b. 1994, Belgium) alongside a carefully selected group of 20th century Italian artists. Eyckermans’ works draws on his own life and experiences, placing objects and figures into uncanny spaces to create dynamic compositions that suggest action beyond their frame. In recent works, included the ones exhibited at Miart, Eyckermans’ focuses on the use, handling and storage of objects, which are further enhanced by the use of strong shadows and color inspired both by cinema, and by Flemish masters such as Peter Rubens. By juxtaposing Eyckermans’ works with works from the Italian Novecento period, including those by Angelo Biancini, Giorgio De Chirico, Filippo De Pisis, Lucio Fontana, Fausto Melotti, Umberto Milani, Arrigo Minerbi and Herta Ottolenghi Wedekind, the historical references evident in the artist’s work become even more apparent as Eyckermans mixes historical motifs with traces of contemporary life. His works suggest that modernity and historicity are not separate entities but exist as part of a larger continuum that builds upon itself and results in new visual languages.

Andrew Kreps Gallery would like to thank Galleria Gomiero, Repetto Gallery and Alberto Salvadori for their cooperation in realizing this project.