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Bruno Munari
March 1 – April 20

Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to announce a presentation of works by Bruno Munari at 55 Walker Street, organized in collaboration with kaufmann repetto.

Focusing on Munari’s experiments with the Xerox 914 Machine, which began in 1963 and would continue throughout his entire career, the presentation brings a selection of works documented in his seminal book “Xerografia: Documentazione sull’uso creativo delle macchine Rank Xerox (Xerography: Documentation of the creative use of the machine Rank Xerox)”. Published in conjunction with Munari’s participa-tion in the 1970 Venice Biennale, to which Munari contributed a Xerox machine to an experimental laboratory within the Biennale, the book provides instructions on the many ways to subvert the commercial machine’s function to create original images and artworks. Ranging from abstract to figurative, Munari’s Xerox works distort the original subject as he moved images across the devices surface for the duration of the scanning process. 

The presentation also includes Munari’s Tetracono, 1965, an object with the purpose of “show[ing] forms while they are in the process of becoming”. Comprised of four cones set within a perfect cube, each cone’s surface is divided equally between the complementary colors of red and green. Munari devised an 18-minute sequence of movement for the work, making Tetracono one of the earliest examples of programmed art. The result is a continuous balancing act of color, shape, and form that unfolds before the viewer. 

Bruno Munari is the first in a series of presentations organized by Andrew Kreps Gallery at 55 Walker Street, anticipating the gallery’s move to 22 Cortlandt Alley in June 2019.