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Camille Blatrix creates environments filled with sculptures and inlaid objects whose origins of fabrication often remain ambivalent: his artworks emerge as hybrid beings/machines that aim to synthesise abstract ideas and intimate romances, artisanal techniques and a fascination for high-tech design, a dreamlike imagination and hermetic materiality. He creates incoherent objects, with indeterminate functions that nevertheless give rise to an impression of déjà-vu.

Entitled Weather Stork Point, his project presented at CAC – la synagogue de Delme has travelled a long way and it is after this long journey full of transitions from one dimension to another, that his artworks have finally traversed the ark of the synagogue to occupy the venue. After their exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel in early 2020, the latter were trapped in various space-times, preventing them from reaching their destination, and delaying the date of their exhibition in Delme. The cabin animated by an oscillating glimmer houses the space of the exhibition at the Kunsthalle, at the end of which visitors found themselves in front of a mirror, hung on a wall preventing access to a mysterious room. This hidden room here turns out to be the space of the Synagogue de Delme, from which a window provides a glimpse of the exhibition space in Basel, as though the visitor were suddenly on the other side of the mirror, over a year ago. Each artwork presented is a character in this story of ambling through uncertainty: we find an orientation point, schematized animals (mouse, swan, crocodile, etc.), a games table for children, and various objects with unknown functions. The painted spirals come from marquetry designs exhibited in Basel, and here feature trans-dimensional thoroughfares. Weather Stork Point thus presents the culmination of a long period of waiting, filled with hope and despair, laughter and tears, depression and enthusiasm, and operates as an ultra-compressed synthesis of this array of fleeting emotions.