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Hayley Tompkins and Sue Tompkins
February 24th – March 25th, 2006

Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to inaugurate its new 525 West 22nd Street location with an exhibition by Scottish artists Hayley and Sue Tompkins. This is Hayley Tompkins' third exhibition at the gallery, and the second interpretation of an ongoing collaborative project with her sister, Sue Tompkins.

Following their two-person exhibition, In the Zone of Your Eyes, curated by Christiane Schneider at West London Projects in London (October 2005), Hayley and Sue Tompkins have brought a new variation of the exhibition to Andrew Kreps Gallery. They will both present solo works, as well as a number of collaborative collages.

Hayley Tompkins' personal, often small-scale abstractions sometimes evoke spaces, memories, or a fragmented notational system. Hayley will present an arrangement of wall objects, including gouache paintings and a series of clay and plaster works which also integrate magazine cutouts. These objects are arranged on wooden tables. Together, these related works create a filmic impression of multiple comings and goings. The objects are propositions: spacious and anonymous, part and whole.

Sue will be showing a wall installation consisting of typewritten text on newsprint sheets arranged in diptychs, triptychs, and various other combinations and positions. Also, during the reception, she will give a live performance of her text piece, Elephants Galore (2005). The combination and subsequent layering of text, collage, painting, and live performance is fundamental to her work.