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From 29 January 2022, the Stedelijk Museum presents the major solo exhibition Hito Steyerl. I Will Survive. As an artist, cultural critic, filmmaker, writer and professor, Hito Steyerl is one of the most important and valued representatives of the contemporary art world. She operates at the intersection of film and visual arts, ranging from documentary cinema to inventive multimedia installations. Her committed installations are visually overwhelming, always well thought out and recognizable in an unexpected way.  


Hito Steyerl (1966) was born in Munich, Germany, and lives and works in Berlin. She is internationally regarded as one of the most influential and critical contemporary artists. Her disruptive video installations critically examine the interrelationships between art, society, advanced technology and neoliberal capitalism. These often essayistic and documentary works encourage the average viewer to critically reflect on previously neglected social issues, such as colonial violence, government control, systemic racism and the power of protest. Her work is abrasive, does not leave untouched and makes you think about your own role in these themes.