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Corita Kent: Ordinary Things Will Be Signs For Us - J&L Books/Magic Hour Press - Publications - Andrew Kreps Gallery

Edited by Julie Ault, Jason Fulford, and Jordan Weitzman. Featured essay by CAC Senior Curator, Olivian Cha.

Corita regularly took her students out for looking sessions at a used car lot or an art exhibition. While constantly looking and discovering visually, Corita shot thousands of 35 mm slides documenting references, the IHC milieu, and the art department processes. For Corita, the vernacular environs of advertising, supermarkets, and the city’s media landscape were a source of inspiration and raw material. Her slide collection encompasses a wide range of subjects: cookies, coke bottles, toys, presents, experiments, projects, Mary’s Day celebrations stemming from Corita’s classroom, flowers, magazines, seeds, puppets, visits with Charles and Ray Eames, street signs, trade fairs, folk art, boxes, billboards, and kites. Drawing from the Corita Art Center’s vast slide collection, Ordinary Things Will Be Signs for Us embodies Corita’s philosophy of looking.

Format: Softcover

Dimensions: 10 x 7.5 inches

Pages: 144

ISBN: 9780999365557

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